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Length of the route : 0.0 km Town : Condom

Cape westward to meet Romanesque architecture jewels: the bridge of Artigue, World Heritage of Humanity as a significant monument on the Pilgrim; Vopillon church and its remarkable wall paintings from the thirteenth century; Site classified Cluny, the church St Austrégésile Mouchan is one of the oldest in the department. CHURCH OF VOPILLON Remains of a Priory of the Order of Fontevraud founded in 1140, the Romanesque church of Our Lady has remarkable murals of thirteenth century. BRIDGE ARTIGUE Located 1000 km de Compostela, this novel bridge has always been used by pilgrims on their way to St Jacques, which earned its inclusion in the World Heritage Site as a notable landmark on the way de Compostela. CHURCH OF ROUTGES dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene and bell tower. VILLAGE Lauraët fifteenth-century Gothic church dedicated to St Luperc, bishop and martyr in the third century. CHURCH OF SAINT LANNE whose initial sanctuary dates back to the fourth or fifth century, has a Romanesque church with no roof but with vault ass oven, wider than its single nave and apse beautiful Romanesque door. VILLAGE LAGRAULET-DU-GERS Castelnau top oval perched in protecting its walls a castle of the thirteenth century which remain always filled with water moat. The Gothic Church of St. Mary Magdalene of the sixteenth century presents a unique sculpture wearing a pilgrim shell. A new work of art has just taken place in the village: a disused water tower became the holder of a permanent work on a path of stars, thanks to the painter Jean-Paul Chambas. LAMOTHE HAMLET formed at the foot of an artificial hill called clod, a watch tower of the thirteenth century (private) alongside strange pillars of a lost pigeon. Later, the church dedicated to St Vincent. CAZENEUVE CHURCH Gothic Revival, located at the crossroads of land Bas Armagnac (tawny sand) west, and Ténarèze (clay and limestone) to the east. VILLAGE MOUCHAN Former sauveté classified Clunisien website today, contains one of the oldest churches of the department, with datable part of the early eleventh century. The church St Austrégesile contains remarkable capitals and a carved and gilded wooden altarpiece of the seventeenth century. Predates the church, the square tower which flanks the apse south is needed at the heart of this town steeped time spent ...

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