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Condom bishopric

Visit Condom, its cathedral, its cloisters and the armagnac museum


A former bishopric and today the sub-prefecture and capital of Ténarèze, Condom is proud of its rich history, architecture and events. Its majestic Cathedral of Saint-Pierre, an imposing work in the Gothic style dominates the city. Attached to the cathedral, the cloister connected the bishops' private chapel to their episcopal palace.


The ensemble is completed with a range of mansions built in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, when an economic boom led to the building of the commercial port. Entirely constructed in the eighteenth century, the River Baise—then called the “Silver River”—opened the town to freight and trade. The river is navigable, and its marina, which is the starting point of a whole host of hiking trails, including the road to Santiago de Compostela, offers a variety of activities to its visitors.