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sites to visit

Visit  the unique circular village of Fourcès, near the sumptuous gallo-romane villa of Séviac, at  Montréal du Gers


Man has impregnated Ténarèze with his culture and history. Criss-crossed by historic routes, the area is full of ancient crossroads where the most prestigious monuments of Gascony are preserved in all their glory. In the valleys or on top of the hill ridges, a range of architectures styles of a precious heritage reveal themselves as you pass by—the Gallo-Roman villa of Séviac, the Abbey at Flaran, the fortified village of Larressingle, Gascon castles, and Romanesque and Gothic churches perpetuate the memories of a past that is always present around you.


The mullioned windows of majestic monuments open the secrets of the Renaissance, with painted friezes and coats of arms, classical art and mansions from prestigious ages, which have maintained their clean lines, carved gargoyle faces and colourful gardens.