Top up with sensations

To make the most of the intense emotions that you will pick up from the wild and intimate setting of the Ténarèze, be part of an authentic escape to meet the true Gascon, the courageous, exuberant man with his melodic accent and reputation of enjoying life to the full.

Come and measure your courage over the 150 km of paths that lead to Saint Jacques de Compostela where they pass through the Gers.

Put your boldness to the test by passing the 14 locks along the Baïse river between Nérac and Valence-sur-Baïse.

Test your appetite for adventure by kindling your taste buds with Armagnac eau-de-vie that distils the pleasures of life!

Here the real journey through our landscape begins.  Follow the Field Keyholes (Clés des champs) by taking the Byways (chemins de traverse), and see whether you can sharpen your senses for a most unusual outing.