The Cathedral City  

Former bishopric, today the sub-prefecture and capital of the Ténarèze, Condom can boast an historic past, rich in events and architecture. Its imposing and majestic Saint-Pierre cathedral in the flamboyant Gothic style dominates the city.  Attached to the cathedral, the cloisters led the bishops to their private chapel and the bishop’s palace.  

From water to stone…

This cathedral city is completed by a large range of 18th and 19th century private mansions that bear witness to the economic growth in the town of Condom.  The commercial port, built in the 18th century on the Baïse river, nicknamed the Silver River, opened the town to freight and exchanges, most particularly, the eau-de-vie, Armagnac.  Still navigable, the river and its marina, from where a whole series of hiking trails start, such as the road to Santiago de Compostela or the ‘Green way of Armagnac’ (voie verte de l’Armagnac), offer a diversity of activities to visitors.

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