We cannot guarantee good weather, we can however suggest shops that sell lovely umbrellas and rubber boots to jump in the puddles. Or you can opt for…

The Ténarèze attitude « the rain isn’t going to stop me »

Everyone in the water !

Even if it means being wet, Canoes or Kayaks are the ideal activity during the summer rains ! On the river, you can enjoy unspoilt riverbank flora and fauna along the River Baïse with Gers kaynoé.

Water the Field Keys

Travel along the roads of the Ténarèze to find the Field Keys.  15 sites in the Gers countryside to help you understand our landscapes : vines, fields, hills or even the palette of colours.

Take your umbrella and go to visit the village of Fourcès and its artists.

The Ténarèze attitude « I want to stay dry »

Costumes from all eras

The museum « Mondes et merveilles » invites you to travel in time and fashion, to discover its collection and creations of period costumes.

From the grape to Armagnac

If you have always wanted to know how Armagnac is made, go along to the Armagnac museum in Condom. From the distillation to the cellars, this precious liquid will no longer keep any secrets from you. If you need to warm up, open the door to one of our Armagnac producers for a tasting.

Within the walls of Flaran

L’Abbaye de Flaran, far from resting on its laurels and its rich past, is constantly opening new temporary exhibitions, workshops and concerts throughout the year.

Games Library (La ludothèque)

La ludothèque de Condom, (games library) makes games available for children and adults : toys, board games, construction games, role playing games… even a collection of old wooden games.

To enjoy on the spot or take away !